Tanlines of Navarre Beach


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TANLINES of NAVARRE BEACH follows responsible tanning practices. We encourage you to care for your skin by tanning in moderation, applying appropriate lotions and avoiding over-exposure. We understand that you may want quick results, but the tanning process can’t be rushed.
After you have started tanning, your session length will be adjusted until you reach the desired color. For your safety we want you to follow responsible tanning practices. Here are just a few basics that you should know.
Indoor Tanning
Sun-tanning outdoors is uncontrolled and often results in painful overexposure and skin damage. Our Tanning Systems provide a controlled environment with measured dosages for a soft, gentle tan with less UV exposure. Our professionals have the training and expertise to eliminate much of the guesswork of tanning and help you achieve the desired color you want without over-exposure.
Sunless Tanning- Professional hand applied Spray Tan™
 The Pro Tan is considered the best in sunless tanning technology – Hand sprayed by a trained proffesional.  We use top of the line sunless products such as Norvel Professional and Versa Spa. When being spray tanned this way your spray tan lasts much longer and delievers a much better color. Spray tans do require an appointment, so call today for a beautiful spray tan! 850.936.4688
Tan Effectively and Safely
Our personalized tanning program and tanning consultants will help to assure the optimal way to get a deep, dark, and longer lasting tan. We urge you to follow their recommendations and these tanning tips:
Never Overexpose: Follow your consultant’s directions.
Exfoliate: Wash to exfoliate dead skin cells before tanning.
Moisturize: Moisturize before and after tanning to extend results.
Drink Water: Drink plenty of this fluids before and after tanning.
Eye Protection: Protect Your Eyes with proper eyewear.
Skin Care: Always wear approved indoor tanning lotion.
Know Your Equipment: Equipment differs, follow directions carefully.
Tan Frequency: For Levels 2 and 3,  24 hours is reccomended between tanning sessions.
Our Level 4 High Power Bed requires 72 hours between tanning sessions.